The European Championships

The European Championships started the competitive season off with a Bang in the historical harbour of Kinsale. The fleet enjoyed the combined facilities of which Sovereigns week organised so well. The festivities arranged throughout the event from shore side to waterborne is something not to be missed next time round.

A mix of conditions allowed the fleet enjoy the outer harbour in all wind stregths. Some were unfortunate to drop their mast and brake a bow sprit in the high winds however they rejoined the fun the following day having replaced the broken sticks that evening.

Peter O’Leary finished the regatta on pole position in not just the 1720 class. The organizing committee of the regatta decided that the biggest attending class should be awarded the Sovereigns Cup for 2013. This was great honor for Peter, his team and for the 1720 class members as a whole following their steady growth in the last number of years.

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The Irish National Championships followed and was kindly hosted by the oldest member of the 1720 class Mr. John Crotty Commodore of the Monkstown Bay Sailing Club.

The races were run to what must be noted as being to a professional standard of race organization by Keith MacKeown and his team of Volunteers. Following a continual ding dong battle between A, P & N O’Leary and Mark Mansfield through out the three days the consistency of Anthony O’Leary and his team of Muppets came out on top.

The events closing party was then held in the MBSC club house where the hungry sportsboaters were feed like kings on Durcan’s Quality Meats, The Good Fish Company and watered by the gallon within the MBSC Bar. A good night was had by all and a record taking by the bar that evening would outline the craic that was had.


Chat among the fleet at both regattas last year was positive following the events throughout the year. The joint regatta with Kinsale was much appreciated by travelling competitors as the boost in numbers added to the onshore social evenings. The class has taken this aboard and have now approached and confirmed with Howth Yacht Club to host the 2014 Europeans as part of a larger regatta currently being arranged by the HYC. Word through the grape vine is there will be in excess of 150 boats during the three-day event.

Also discussed was that of a resurgence the UK with fleets of 5 and 6 dotted across GB from Cardiff Bay to Brighton Harbour. The Irish fleet has welcomed the prospect of a UK Nationals and a sort hop across the Irish Sea to Cardiff is certainly on the cards.

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