1720 AGM 2021 Proposed Rule Change Summary

During 2021 the 1720 committee reviewed the class rules to ensure they continue to reflect
the best practice of how the boats are being sailed and conflicts will not arise due to any
technical infringements.

  • Changing of ISAF to World Sailing, to keep up with current name.
  • There are a few potential loopholes that it is proposed to be closed off:
    • The definition of hiking in the current rules would appear to be impossible to penalise when
      the heel of the boat is taken into account as the widest point of the boat would then be
      further abeam when heeled;
    • In a long regatta it there would be the possibility to have multiple cuts of sails that could be
      chosen day by day, this could lead to excessive expenditure on sails,
      require that all sails should be carried while racing, there was previously no minimum
      number of sails required;
    • Redefine when sail restrictions may be enforced, specifying at least 25 knots is a high
      threshold. Also include a minimum time allowance to make the change;
    • For the mandatory safety kit alter the description of the towline and include a safety knife
      to be carried on board;
    • A few errors were found relating to dimensions of the positions of the mast fittings. At some
      stage in the past dimensions were inputted into the class rules that did not correlate with
      the positions of the original Proctor mast. The measurement datum was also specified as
      being in an inaccurate position between different mast suppliers;
    • To remedy these inaccuracies there are several changes in “Section F – Rig” proposed. None
      of these changes consist of anything substantial or will have any effect. It is a case of
      housekeeping and corrections that will ensure consistency of new masts vs old masts;
    • Items relating to rigging and running rigging are in line with what is currently being used.
      There is no effectual change being proposed; and 
    • Crew requirements, new inclusion of an incentive of a small weight limit increase for crews that are not all men. There has been good growth in this naturally in recent years and with eyes on other classes and events such as The Ocean Race, New York Yacht Club Invitational, Swan Classes, etc this requirement will promote further gender inclusion to the class going forward.

To save time and not require to vote in every single rule change individually and at the same
time not stall progress on full set of rules grouped changes will be voted on:

1. Housekeeping corrections:
A3.1, all of section F, confirmation of elimination of struck out sections
2. Closing loopholes:
C1.6, C2.1, C2.2
3. New wording for C2.4 Sail Restrictions.
4. New listing of safety equipment C3.1.
5. Inclusion of C1.4 (a), mixed gender crew incentive.

1720 Committee
Dave, Cliondha, Fionn, Rob, Robbie, Robin, Ross

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